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Current Beta Projects

Spoilers For Resonance Of Fate Warning.

Spoilers For Final Fantasy Type-0 Ending Warning.

Spoilers For Once Upon A Time Warning.

4.28.11 Update

Wow it's been forever since I posted here huh? D:

Well I guess I want to give a few updates....

STORIES: I currently do not have time to continue any of my stories, so I apologize to those that have been waiting for them... I really do. D: I love writing stories, and it's sad that I don't have time for them.

VIDEOS: I'm working on a few full length video projects that I haven't done yet. xD They might be done by the end of the year.... MIGHT. D:

NEW MEP STUDIO: FNC Studios. More information on it coming soon. ;P

Azure Dreamz - Currently on the 6th mep I think? O.o May be closing this down soon
KuroShiro - May be closing this down as well
NeverlandLegends - starting first project in june
Guardians - restarting hopefully next month
Resistance - 2 new projects coming soon


YT ICONS & BGS: I don't normally make them for anyone except friends, but hey.... If you want one, message me and I'll see what I can do? xD

100 Theme Video Challenge

So I know there's a ton of these for art and drawing. I wanted to make and participate in one for video editing.
If you would like to participate as well, post a comment saying you're going to.

- Minimum video length: 20 seconds.
- 1 theme per video. You may not count multiple themes in a video.
- It can be anime, game, or move clips.
- It does NOT have to be completed in order.

My Completion: 4/100

AzenaKira's 100 Theme Video Editing ChallengeCollapse )

Resonance of Fate Prologue ~ Chapter One

So I recently started playing this game again. 8D It's really addicting. I started a new game, so I figured I would post about it?

The prologue goes the fastest, which is to be expected, unless you do the tutorial... Then that's another HOUR. XD

Chapter One is okay if you know what you're doing. It took me over 10 tries the first time I played the game to beat Tar Man (first boss in Lucia). But after being able to beat it once, I was able to remember. XD

I originally played this game up to Chapter 10 before getting stuck and accidently deleting the file... So if anyone needs help up to there, feel free to ask. 8D

Favorite Character: Zephyr
Favorite Clothing Sets: B
Favorite Shirt Set: Marine shirts (the victory sets are pretty awesome too though)

Writer's Block: And The Winner Is…

Ke$ha, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Usher, Beyonce, Justin Bieber … who do you most want to win an MTV Video Music Award this year?

Okay so I normally don't answer these things, but seeing the names on this list, I HAD to write SOMETHING.

I would prefer Ke$ha because I like her music most out of that list.
I'm not really a fan of rap, so that rules out Eminem and Usher for me.
Lady Gaga's music is okay, I just can't listen to a lot of it in a row. XD

And finally, Justin Bieber. Do NOT get me started on that kid. o_o I hate hate H.A.T.E. his music, and his personality is pretty bad too. I mean seriously, he doesn't know what German is. He didn't know it was a language and he didn't even know it was a COUNTRY. Someone like that does NOT deserve an award. -.- Personal opinion

YouTube Backgrounds

So I've been working on a ton of YT backgrounds lately. 8D
I made 3 yesterday and going to make about 7-10 today.

I also have a free Lightning background if anyone is interested, I just ask that you credit me in your description for designing it. :3 If you're interested in it, please let me know.

I'm still taking background requests too, but I'm asking that you're at least on my friends on YT before making a request. I currently only make backgrounds for friends. ^^


Okay so as some people know... I like making icons....
I only tend to make them if people request them though so....
If you want any icons, please post a comment/response. :3


Man I really need to update this more. Sorry I haven't posted anything really guys. XD

I've done a ton of mep parts since my last point and joined a few new studios.

My current gaming addiction: .hack//infection.
It's a pretty hard game, but it's awesome at the same time. XD Man.

I'm going to TRY and post here at least once a week now. :D
O.o So I wonder if anyone actually... ya know... reads my posts... D: That's sadly why I don't post much anymore.... Anyways, I'll give it a shot....

Today I set up another amv/mep studio website, finished a mep part and made a new icon... I feel like I didn't do much. D: Sadly the website took FOREVER...

Since I make icons as it is... I'm starting to think about making icons here and uploading them... I'm not sure yet.

YouTube Accounts and Studios

Alright well since most of the people here will know me from YouTube... XD

My past accounts were...
GrieverFeatherz (suspended)
AzuriElska (suspended)

My CURRENT accounts are...
AzenaKira (my main)
AzuriElska2 (my first backup)
xXLastKiraXx (my collab channel with LastQuincyGirl)

The Studio's I'm In Are...
Sakura Dreamz Studio Voice Actors (owner)
Sakura Dreamz Studio AMV Editors (owner)
We Are Golden
Zodiac Studio
Unlimited Ecstasy Yaoi Studio (co owner)